Charles McCartney Genealogy

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 / John McCartney|
|  \
Charles Clinton McCartney |
|  / James Hinds
 \ Frances Hinds |
 \ Iwonona Hill

Born: 1862-05-20 Lincoln Parish, Louisiana USA
Died: 1931-01-08 Marthaville, Natchitoches, Louisiana USA
1. 1888-01-15 Exer Lee Fleming

Children of Charles McCartney and Exer Fleming:
K L McCartney
Fannie Ida McCartney
Charles Clinton II McCartney
John Angus McCartney
James Robert McCartney
Dewey McCartney
Geoff Lyle McCartney
William McKinley McCartney
Lee McCartney
Corine Artie McCartney


1910 census Natchitoches Par LA p13a
Clint McCartney 47 LA/AL/MS
wife Exer Lee 41 LA/LA/GA
dau Fanna 19 LA
son Charles C 17 LA
son John A 15 LA
son Bob 13 LA
dau Dws? 11 LA
son Whitney? 9 LA
son Bill 7 LA
dau Lee 1 LA

1900 census Natchitoches Par LA p184b
Charles C McCartney 38 1862-05 LA/AL/MS
wife Exer L 30 1870-02 LA/LA/GA
son K L 11 1888-10 LA
dau Fannie 9 1890-09 LA
son Charley 7 1892-08 LA
son John 5 1895-05 LA
son Bob 3 1897-01 LA
dau Dewby? 1 1898-11 LA

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